EOS is actively working in the promotion of OpenSEES by providing training courses



  • Paolo Di Re
    Paolo Di Re University Sapienza of Rome
  • Cristoforo Demartino
    Cristoforo Demartino Zhejiang University
  • XinZheng Lu
    XinZheng Lu Tsinghua University
  • Liming Jiang
    Liming Jiang Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • Fabio Di Trapani
    Fabio Di Trapani Polytechnic University of Turin
  • Tejeswar Yarlagadda
    Tejeswar Yarlagadda Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • Quan Gu
    Quan Gu Xiamen University
  • Davide Noè Gorini
    Davide Noè Gorini University Sapienza of Rome
  • Giorgia Di Gangi
    Giorgia Di Gangi University Sapienza of Rome
  • Yichao Gao
    Yichao Gao Huaqiao University
  • Libo Chen
    Libo Chen Fuzhou University
  • Enrico Spacone
    Enrico Spacone University of Chieti-Pescara
  • Giovanni Minafò
    Giovanni Minafò University of Palemo
  • Jian Jiang
    Jian Jiang China University of Mining and Technology
  • M Anwar Orabi
    M Anwar Orabi Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • Zhanghua Xia
    Zhanghua Xia Fuzhou University
  • Francesco Marmo
    Francesco Marmo University of Naples Federico II
  • Stefano Pampanin
    Stefano Pampanin University Sapienza of Rome
  • Tao Liu
    Tao Liu Xiamen University
  • Yin Gu
    Yin Gu Fuzhou University
  • Salvatore Sessa
    Salvatore Sessa University of Naples Federico II
  • Davide Lavorato
    Davide Lavorato Roma Tre University
  • Xu Dai
    Xu Dai The University of Edinburgh
  • Venkata Ramakanth
    Venkata Ramakanth Hong Kong Polytechnic University

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