Organize, promote and disseminate study and research activities, training, development, design, promotional and publishing initiatives and other initiatives designed to foster exchanges of experience both among members and with other scholars and institutions

Encourage and promote  principles of structural engineering according to theories and techniques developed within the framework of international scientific research, with particular reference to OpenSEES, developed at the University of California at Berkeley


Associate Members are divided into the following categories:

Founding Members

Honorary Members

Scientific Committee

Supporting Members

Founding members joined EOS at the beginning and they have a lifetime membership.  Founding members believe in the core values of the EOS – organize, promote and disseminate OpenSEES culture.

  • Filip C. Filippou
    Filip C. Filippou President
  • Asif Usmani
    Asif Usmani Vice President
  • Giorgio Monti
    Giorgio Monti Secretary
  • Frank McKenna
    Frank McKenna Counselor
  • Humberto Varum
    Humberto Varum Counselor


Honorary Members are individuals, associations and\or institutions of any kind, who, for their demonstrated attention to the Association, are assigned each year that office by the Executive Council, subject to their acceptance

They are not bound to charges relating to membership fees, they become part of the Executive Council and are entitled to vote.

  • Gregory Louis Fenves
    Gregory Louis Fenves


The main activities of the EOS Scientific Committee will be to support the Executive Council in orienting the strategic decisions of EOS and to contribute to the validation activities.

  • Kazuhiko Kasai
    Kazuhiko Kasai
  • Xinzheng Lu
    Xinzheng Lu
  • Keh-Chyuan Tsai
    Keh-Chyuan Tsai
  • Tatjana Isacovic
    Tatjana Isacovic
  • Christos Zeris
    Christos Zeris
  • Pedro Arduino
    Pedro Arduino
  • Ahmed-Waeil Elgamal
    Ahmed-Waeil Elgamal
  • Michael H. Scott
    Michael H. Scott


Supporting Members are individuals, associations and\or institutions of any kind, who, by contributing financially or by carrying out activities on behalf of the Association, have supported its activities and its exploitation.

They are appointed annually by the Executive Council; they are entitled to vote and are eligible to the corporate offices and can assume charges assigned by the Executive Council.

To Be Defined.

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